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Past Projects & Presentations

Selected highlights of notable projects carried out by Hudson & Associates:

Monsanto Retained to assist a corporate business development team in accessing the market potential and feasibility of delivering genetically enhanced bedding plants to the consumer market.

The Solaris Group, Ortho Products Developed and implemented a successful marketing program to test the Ortho brand name for use on bedding plants. Program created opportunities for brand expansion, proved opportunities exist for brand identification as a commodity. Concept continues to be marketed in association with a Pacific Northwest retailer.

Progeny Advanced Genetics Co-authored the company business plan. Aided in raising equity capital and bank financing. Served as general business advisor. Company is profitable and continues to experience record sales growth.

National Health Care Systems Served as a consultant and then member of the Board of Directors while assisting in the turn around from near bankruptcy of the publicly traded (NASDAQ) firm. Helped firm grow with a 9-fold increase in sales over four years resulting in a merger with a larger HMO, Foundation Health.

Sakata Seed Corporation, Yokohama, Japan Developed and expanded new research and marketing programs and increased sales to the European seed market and in Japan.

Sakata Seed America, Morgan Hill, California Served as planning, sales and general management consultant to Sakata Seed America. Responsible for the facilitation of their rapid sales development and growth, including staff and physical properties in North America.

Keithley William Seed Retained to lead strategic planning, marketing, sales planning and training programs, leading to continued sales expansion and profitability for the company.

Yoder Performed international market research analysis for new product lines.

Blooms of Bressingham Led strategic planning project. Created marketing plans to position the firm for future growth as an international joint venture involving several partner corporations. New products successfully launched.

Clackamas Greenhouse Retained to lead strategic and marketing planning projects. Following the projects, Clackamas experienced a sales expansion and increased profitability. Longer term effect of successful branding (see The Solaris Group). Most recently helped firm recover from the financial reversal caused by losing largest customer.

American Horticultural Society Retained to lead strategic planning process, with a goal of positioning the organization for growth.

Manatee Fruit Assisted large cut flower grower and flower wholesale company with strategic planning process, leading to marketing expansion and increased sales.

Mainland Nursery Aided large California nursery effect a financial turnaround by reorganizing sales, reducing sales expense, identifying and hiring new sales staff and in improving operations.

Plant Genetics, Inc.
President & Chief Executive Officer
Vice Chairman, Board of Directors
Davis, California • July 1981-1984

Led company from inception to a position where they were able to attract an experienced operations manager. Principle activities included resource accumulation, team building, capital funding and developing market strategies. Built hi-tech team from three person start-up to over 65 employees, including 35 professional staff with 17 PhD/Project Leaders. Scientific team responsible for 28 patient disclosures during this time. Raised more than $9 million in venture capital and secured over $600 thousand in facilities and equipment leases.

Goldsmith Seed, Inc.
Vice President of Marketing
Gilroy, California • April 1972 - June 1981

Joined company at early stage. Primary duties included the development and implementation of advertising, marketing and sales programs for domestic and international sales. Responsible for an increase in total sales by 20-fold. Increased European sales percentage from 5% to 47%. Part of a management team that built the firm to a world leader in seed production and marketing. Responsible for acquisition of a Danish seed company and the reorganization of this newly formed company. Acquisition greatly expanded the market share of sales to smaller seed companies in Northern Europe.


  • Lean, what is it
  • Be the Best you can be
  • Better Selling to Overcome Price Objectives
  • Business Etiquette
  • Communication Made Easy! Focus on Team Building
  • Create the Market, Close the Sale – An Integrated Approach to Marketing and Sales
  • Creating the Market & Making the Sale
  • Destination Unknown – Strategic Planning is the Map
  • Developing a Business Plan
  • From Screaming to Singing – Converting Angry Customers into Ambassadors
  • An Introduction to Lean Flow Production
  • Increasing Profitability
  • Learn and Teach them to Sell
  • Succeeding in the Family Business
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Planning – What Is It? An Introduction to the Planning Process
  • Team Building: Motivating Employees to Buy In
  • Winning by Planning – An Introduction to the Planning Process

All of the above listed presentations can be tailored for a particular industry group. Many of the presentations have also been presented to management teams during company retreats.

Listed below are some of the groups that Gary Hudson has presented to:

  • American Horticultural Society
  • California State Floral Association
  • EuroGro and P.P.G.A Conference
  • OFA Short Course
  • Society of American Florists
  • Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition
  • Western Michigan Growers Association


  • Family Business
  • Natural Disasters
  • Marketing Plan
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